Thursday, November 17, 2005

mr. crane at blood.claat

last night i ushered at theatre passe muraille.

the shows in the space i was ushering for were:

blood.claat - one womban story Written and performed by d'bi young, directed by Weyni Mengesha (both of 'da kink in my hair')
How can we travel from self-hate to love? A Jamaican girl from Whitfield Town looks to be the first to break her family cycle, dreaming of growing up strong and independent. A best actress award winner for SummerWorks 2004.
Runs November 15 to 27


Jamaica ManWritten and performed by John Blackwood
Who do you think I am? A history of Jamaica, and of being an insider/outsider that leaves us wondering about the realities of culture.
runs November 1 to 20 - double bill with blood.claat

i haven't seen the shows yet, in fact, i'm going to them tonight. although blood.claat is written by and directed by the same people who wrote and directed da kink in my hair, which was one of my favourite theatre experiences ever, so i'm hoping it will be good and i'm certainly looking forward to going.

but this my friends is not the point of this post. the point of this post is far far far more shallow than any theatre related pursuits. this post is all about yummy men. well, one particular yummy man. mr. crane.

i don't remember mr. crane's first name, i keep wanting to say henry crane, but i don't think that's right.

anyway, mr. crane was meeting two friends at the theatre, they were all going to see blood.claat together, this is how i know his name, he said "they'll be looking for ____ crane".

mr. crane exuded an aura of attractiveness. and, no surprise, when his friends arrived i discovered they also exuded an aura of attractiveness.

here's the kicker, i couldn't describe any of them for you. kind of artsy looking, but not in a contrived trying hard kind of way, just in a 'this is the way we are' kind of way. i hesitate to say possibly artsy looking in the way i am artsy looking. which is to say, if you saw me in a bar you wouldn't think i was artsy looking, but if you saw me at a theatre there's a good chance you might.

so, mr. crane, if you are by some strange chance reading this, first, imagine me with a deep crimson blush, because that is absolutely what would happen if i discovered you were reading this, second, i thank you for the little giddy moments you provided me with last night.

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