Thursday, November 10, 2005

reach out and touch somebody

as a society we in the west tend to function with a fair bit of personal space.

maybe a bit too much.

even friends don't touch or sit close very much here.

i notice this because i am a very 'touchy feely' person. but i am very aware of personal space. my instinct is to be touchy feely, but i am aware enought to keep my hands to myself and let people sit far away. i wasn't always that aware. with age comes wisedom? who knows.

anyway, this is coming up now because yesterday it was raining. and one of the things that i enjoy about rain (there are many) is that suddenly people stand closer together, people allow their arms to touch, people push their heads together. it is all in the name of sharing an umbrella, but it is still lovely to see. i think there should be more touching and more sitting close.

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