Sunday, November 13, 2005


you know how people say things like 'that could never happen these days' when they're talking about the way germans blindly followed hitler?

i think as long as people are willing to blindly follow anyone there is always a danger.

the number of people who have willingly strip searched and sexually assulted fellow citizens because someone was on the other end of the phone saying he was a cop and this person had done something bad and it was their duty to do this, yeah, that makes me think that all it will take is someone with enough charisma and we'll* all be happy to shuffle people onto trains to unknown destinations.

*i'd like to think i'd die before taking part in anything like that. i really would. i'd stake my life on it. but i wouldn't stake anyone else's life on it. the truth is, i'm in a pretty safe comfortable place where i can say that i wouldn't, who knows what would happen if i were in a situation like that. just look at how many people happily delivered electric shocks people in the name of science in the milgram experiment. the shocks may not have been real, but the people pressing that button thought they were.

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