Monday, March 10, 2008

uh huh, i'm gonna talk about the snow...

i know that talking about the snow is getting pretty old but...

there is something about the snow that i'm loving. there's something about a huge dump of snow resulting in everyone being immobile that bonds folks.

all of a sudden neighbours are talking to neighbours as they shovel together for the 5th time in two days. random strangers are helping people dig out their cars. every walk down the street is an opportunity to help someone out - today it was my brother and me pushing a cab out of a snow bank.

somehow, as frustrated as people are, the snow is making us smile at each other more. it's giving us that 'we're all in this together' feeling. i've heard that toronto was kind of like that during the black out of 2003 (i was in guelph at the time...).

i guess we bond in strife. suddenly the practiced art of not seeing doesn't exist anymore.

it's pretty cool.

P.S. Crank is a really gross movie. I don't really reccomend watching it. -- okay, I'm updating this, it's actually pretty funny in a campy kind of way as long as you just don't look at the gore bits...

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