Friday, February 15, 2008

Toronto-centric post... Dancing Queen

Okay. So, where does one go in this bloody city if they want to dance.

Just dance. Writhe around with other sweaty bodies, loose yourself in the music and dancing. I'm talking about a place where you go in your jeans and a pair of runners so that you can dance your ass off. A place that isn't about cruising or being cruised. That isn't about finding a tasty piece of ass to bring home and fuck 'til the cows come home. A place where you can be anonymous and just dance, but still be dancing in a room with other folks.

In an ideal world this would be a place that played music with good real beats and not just thumpa thumpa music, but honestly, I'd be okay with thumpa thumpa if I could just dance in peace.

I want to writhe and wriggle in the company of others without having to interact with them. Weird, I know, but, well, I'm a weird chick...

So, where do I do that in this city? Surely there should be a place. Suggestions? And does anyone want to go dancing (in jeans and runners...)

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