Thursday, January 31, 2008

good times, but for real this time...

So, last night I went out and pretended like I wasn't depressed. It was good.

It was hard to go, I was anxious leaving the house (and it was bloody cold and windy, which makes staying home seem appealing). It was a bit difficult at first, but as the evening wore on I relaxed into it a bit. I'm sure that has something to do with the cider too, but still, it was nice.

So, I kind of felt normal for a while.

Although, when John told me that the bill was $200 for the four of us I nearly fell off my chair (figuratively, we were in a cab at the time, no chairs to fall out of) because I'd forgotten that included 4 meals and thought it was just the drinks for the 4 of us. I mean, I knew we'd had a lot to drink, but I didn't think we'd had *that* much, but then, I also wouldn't put it past us...

And on the birthday front, well, it was a good one. John came home carrying several bunches of flowers, which was really nice, and Brice and Courtney gave me a rude card, which was expecte, well, expected from Brice anyway... ;)

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