Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, Jo pointed out the birthday thing, so I think I'll run with it.

Tomorrow is my birthday marking my 32 years on this, the only planet we know of that sustains life, earth. (Just so you know, you would have to be a really really big geek to get that reference, and specifically a geek in Ontario).

So, I'm thinking of doing something about it.

I'm thinking of going somewhere to drink with friends.

I'm thinking the Red Lion on Jarvis.

Who's in?

No, seriously, I'm thinking I'd like to spend a night pretending I'm not depressed and go out and celebrate my birthday over a couple of pints.

If you think you're going to come then let me know, 'cause I'll know how big a table to save.

So, 7ish, The Red Lion on Jarvis, just a bit south of Maitland.

There is one caveat that goes along with this. In the unlikely event that I find it too overwhelming or something because of my very annoying depressive state I may not be able to play anymore and may have to bugger off. In which case I know you'll all have fun playing with yourselves. (budumcha!)

So, come lets drink and flirt and be merry!

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