Tuesday, March 04, 2008

apparently he's not that particular...

We have a cat (Oliver) who loves to sit on the couch behind John and 'clean his hair'. He grooms John for as long as John will let him. It's not *that* unusual a thing for a cat to do, but usually it seems to be just with people they're close to (you know, in that cat way).

But not today. Today my friend Ger was over for a bit today on his way to a class. We sat down on the couch, me in my usual end of the couch and Ger on the end John usually sits on. As we randomly pass the time, all of a sudden Oliver starts to groom Ger's hair.

So, apparently it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it's his 'dad' that he's grooming, it actually just has to do with whoever is sitting there.

Ahh, yes, my cat the slut - makes me bloody proud! (personally, I'm a big fan of sluts)

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