Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I had something interesting, I promise, I did!

Well, I had an interesting thing to blog about, I'm sure of it, I thought of it, I thought 'gee, that would be a good thing to blog' and then I went about doing whatever I was doing.

Unfortunately all I can remember is the bit about it being a good thing to blog, not the bit where I know what "it" is.

So, in it's stead I will tell you a story, a story of a joke, a story of a joke that John made.

A while ago my mum was trying to fall asleep but was unsuccessful and when we came upstairs she commented "I'm jerking so much I can't sleep". I might take a moment to explain here that by jerking what my mum means is her body involuntarily flailing about, occasionally accompanied but guttural noises. It's kind of like she gets bedtime Tourette's or something.

Right, okay, so, back to the story...

Mum - "I'm jerking so much I can't sleep"
John - "Yeah, I had that problem when I was a teenager"

Meg - rolling on the bed laughing her ass off...


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