Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ed Mirvish has died

boo. hiss. yuck.

Ed Mirvish died today at the age of 92, only a few weeks away from his 93rd birthday.

Ed Mirvish has done amazing things in the city of Toronto, and amazing things for theatre in this city. He will be sorely missed.

It's funny, he was really old, and I didn't know him at all, but I'm really sad that he died. Like, feeling almost close to tears sad. Very weird.

Statement from teh Mirvish Family:

The Mirvish Family regrets to announce the passing of Edwin Mirvish on July 11, 2007 in the early hours of the morning at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto. Born July 24, 1914, he was only a few weeks away from reaching his 93rd birthday.

An entrepreneur, theatrical impresario and producer, Mr. Mirvish was known as “Honest Ed,” also the name of his world-famous discount emporium at Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto. He entered the theatrical business when he purchased and saved from demolition the stately Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto in 1963. Lavishly restoring the legendary venue, he began producing shows and soon became a major force in the theatre. He also bought and restored the Old Vic in London, England, and with his son, David Mirvish, built the award-winning Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto in 1993.

Mr. Mirvish was a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a Member of the Order of Canada and the recipient of more than 250 awards.

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