Saturday, July 28, 2007

cat that predicts death

okay, so by now you've probably all already heard about the nursing home cat that seems to know when people are going to die.

If you haven't, well, here's the deal:

Cute fuzzy cat.

Lots of old people.

Cute fuzzy cat curls up with old person.

Old person kicks it.

The end. (Literally)

So, I have to ask you, would this not be the LEAST POPULAR CAT EVER??!?!?!

Doesn't the cat cause undue stress as it walks past people and slows down to sniff something, sending hearts into palpatations that the cat, the bringer of death, is going to spend the evening with them?

I mean, really, shouldn't they be finding another home for this harbinger of darkness? (or light, or nothingness, or whatever you believe...)

And no, no matter what you have heard about John and I and our propensity for taking in homeless cats, no, no, no, this cat is not joining our brood...

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