Friday, February 23, 2007

Spell check poetry

As some of you may have noticed I’m a terrible speller. I couldn't spell my way out of a paper bag! Wait, no, that makes no sense, well, nonetheless, I can't spell...

When I don’t have ready access to spell check and I think there is a really good chance I’m spelling something wrong I often just open up a word document and type the word there and see if it gets one of those little red squiggly lines.

I have a tendancy to leave the document open so that I can just keep using it. This has been the case over the last evening and morning as I’ve been writing to people and commenting on places on the web and so on.

I was just about to close the document when for whatever reason I looked at what the collection of words ended up being, and it made for a fascinating collection to me, made me wonder what I’d been writing about, reminded me of some weird poem, and just generally seemed kind of cool. So, here are the words:



Stream of consciousness


If you're curious, the ones I spelled wrong on my first try were intrigued and consciousness.

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