Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toronto Theatre

I may have mentioned that I’m going to be one of the folks covering Theatre for blogTO recently. ;)

Well, my first write-up will appear on the site next Thursday.

I am so excited to be doing this. I am so excited at the prospect of constant theatre. It’s one of those things that I let slip, but that I love.

It always amazes how quickly I forget the energy that certain things give me. Theatre is one of those things. I get so energized and excited by it, but if I haven’t been able to see something in a while I manage to forgot that and suddenly it’s months between plays.

For every show I will have two tickets, so it will be me and someone else. The ‘someone else’ will change every week, and will be required to give me their honest opinion of the show so that I can provide two opinions to readers. I want a variety of people, people who know theatre, people who have never been to a play before, people who only go to mega-musicals, and so on and so on. I want to run the gambit with levels of previous experience with theatre. Anyone interested in being my ‘someone else’ at some point? I can’t pay you, but you do get to see a play for free.

Here are the shows I’m going to and the dates I’m going, let me know if you’re interested in any of these…

Tuesday February 20 – The Overcoat (Canstage) – I already have my ‘someone else’ for this one…

Friday February 23 – John and Beatrice (Tarragon Theatre)

Tuesday March 6 – (hopefully) The Sheep and the Whale (Theatre Passe Muraille)

Tuesday March 13 – House (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

Tuesday March 20 – Two Lies and a Switchblade (Diesel Playhouse)

Tuesday March 27 – (hopefully) E-dentity (Royal Alex)

Tuesday April 3 – The Rocky Horror Show (Canstage) - John called dibs on this, so it's not actually available...

So, let me know if you'd like to be my 'someone else' for any of these.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to after these, but when I do I’ll post something calling for folks again.

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