Monday, February 05, 2007

Before and after eyebrow threading pictures

Okay, so, technically you've seen a bunch of the after pictures already, but I like to balk the system.

Knotty asked for ‘after’ pictures. I’m going that one step further and put in a 'before'.

Overall, the experience was a very good one. I mean, it hurt, and it did hurt more than tweezing because it’s lots of hair all at once, although that does mean it’s over quicker. It’s WAY better than waxing. I haven’t broken out at all, the look is more natural, and it’s only marginally more expensive. Oh, and the redness doesn’t last nearly as long because you haven’t just ripped a layer or two of skin off.

So, I would highly recommend threading. I will certainly be doing it again. Although, I don’t think I could stand it on my upper lip. That would possibly kill me. I can barely tweeze my upper lip. It’s like moustache hairs are to the hair family what spiral nails are to the nail family…

And without further ado...

BEFORE (taken in a hurry in the car after making the realisation I did not yet have a before picture...):
Note the lack of definition in the eyebrows, the 'shadow' underneath the main brow. But after a quick and not painless proceedure the entire look is transformed.


It is important at this point to ignore the shiny effect of using the flash while close to one's face and focus on the clean nicely shaped brows.

Also, let us marvel for a moment about the fact that somehow I have taken a picture of myself where it looks like I have a neck. Anyone who knows me in person know that this is a mere optical illusion, I have no neck, unfortunately my neck never did find it's way to my body. Now, if only I could figure out what I did in this picture to obtain a neck then I could do it all the time, and of course force people to only look at me from that angle, but these are mere details. All must be sacrificed for the neck!

Okay. That's it. I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll grow a neck while I'm there (a girl can dream can't she?!?!)

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