Wednesday, January 31, 2007

talking to children - tips and tricks

first, observe the following parent child conversations (Thanks to Dave Mitchell for this email contribution):

Here are a couple of things that my son, Isaac, has said:

1. "What are you doing Isaac?" says Mommy.
"Playing with my testicles," responds Isaac.

2. "What are you doing Isaac?" says Mommy.
"I'm not Isaac. I am Pirate Piggy and I'm late for work," yells Isaac as he leaves the room. Mommy shrugs.
Isaac returns with one eye squinted and his right pointer-finger hooked. "Mommy, I brought you a treasure chest. It is full of testicles."

That’s my boy.


so, what have we learned from this email?

we have learned that obviously it is important to sprinkle the word testicle into the conversation whenever possible.

and thus we conclude today's lesson...

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