Friday, January 12, 2007

art openings galore...

as part of my movement to reclaim my life (i know that i talk about reclaiming my life an alarming amount, it's because it's really easy for me to let it slip away as i get sucked deeper and deeper into my work...) i have decided that friday nights i am going to go to art openings.

there is one challenge with this decision, most art openings tend to happen on thursday nights. but this is toronto, it's big enough that there are usually a couple on a friday night.

there are a few ideas behind this.

first, it is a very low commitment activity, it takes half an hour, an hour if you really like the work. you show up, drink a glass of wine and peruse the art. it means that when it's done you can either go home and veg for the night, or decide to stay out and go to a bar or something because the night is still young. lower time commitment=more likely to happen.

second, it means that we might actually discover some new artists we like (or hate, either way it will spark discussion...) hell, we might even find some exciting new art to buy! i'm getting itchy for some new art, especially since we will have a whole new house to put art in, all that space, so exciting!

third, there is always the possiblity of meeting like-minded people at events like this, you know you already have at least one thing in common. the idea of meeting new people, though daunting because i don't have enough time for the people i already know, is exciting because i like having a wide circle of friends.

and finally, well, it's cheap and it gets us out of the house.

having said all that, i'm not sure if we're going to go to one tonight or not. there are four openings that i'm considering for tonight, but i'm also bloody exhausted and might need to completely collapse. we'll have to see if i can get out...

also, right now i'm just looking at listings in Now for art show receptions, but if anyone has suggestions of where else to look i'd be happy to hear them.

have a good weekend everyone!

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