Monday, January 08, 2007

looking for a chef (well, multiple chefs actually...) - a guest post

Need chefs who can write - or not write.

I'm Mainja's Mum and I need your help finding a chef - 5, 6, or 7 chefs, actually.

I'm about to start a cooking and food related blog (because I want to be one of the billion's person to have a food blog) and I need chefs to either write posts or to tell me the info and have me write the posts. Probably one post a week from each, depending on how many I can find.
Here's a surprise - I can't pay actual money up front but will be monetizing the site and will be splitting the revenue. It's not a get rich quick approach (if you know any of those let me know) but should build a steady revenue stream over time. It'll probably take at least 6 month for the blog to build a readership.

It is an opportunity for a chef to blog without the work of having a blog and to build some credibility. Of course I’m happy to work with chefs who are already famous, as long as I make a ton of money too.

Chef ProfileWhat kind of person am I looking for?
• A chef who loves to cook (duh!) and loves helping non-chefs.
• Someone who will commit to about 3 hours a week.
• Great if they can write so we can hear their voice but if they can’t I’ll write the post from their info.
• A chef with access to a computer and some degree of computer literacy.
• Someone who can scale their advice to recipes and instructions for small meals and kitchens as opposed to restaurant cooking.

Blog Profile
• Ask the chef blog
• Pantry basics
• Kitchen equipment – pots and pans, knives, small appliances
• Suggestions to update old favourites – eventually based on questions and requests from readers
• What can I maker for dinner if this is all I have in the house – based on requests from readers
• Other stuff – what would you like to see on a food blog?

Mainja’s Mum's Profile
• Web designer blogger
• Foodie
• Not a bad cook
• Writer
• Real estate sales in France

Your Help
• Do you know any chefs? Ask them if they’re interested, at least in knowing more and send them this post
• Send a link to this post to anyone that you think might know a chef
• Send a link to this post to anyone who might want to buy a house in the south of France

For more info please e-mail me at


Mainja's addtion - anyone have suggestions on where to or how to find chefs? i'm thinking maybe craig's list, but anywhere else?

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