Monday, January 15, 2007

a report-back...

so, i didn't make it to an art opening on friday.

in fact, i didn't make it anywhere.

i can't even remember if we went out for dinner after work on friday. oh, wait, yes i do. john and i picked up his birthday present (a pair of bluntstones), we went to chinatown (happy 7) for dinner, and i got a much-needed haircut.

then i went home to bed. i think i was in bed by 9 or so.

i had one of the worst colds i've ever had a couple weeks ago, i missed a full week of work because of it, and i think it's still hanging on ever-so-slightly. i don't feel sick, but i'm constantly exhausted (and now i have a cold sore, fun times!).

so, the crux of this is that although i had big plans of being social and active and 'out in the world' this weekend, instead i spent a lot of time sleeping.

although, having said that, this weekend we did find time to
- pick up john's present
- go out for dinner together
- get my haircut
- go see children of man (amazing movie, but difficult emotionally, i knew nothing about it, i was expecting fluff, it wasn't fluff...)
- pick up a free washer and dryer, this time not from freecycle (i have waxed poetic on freecycle ad nausium, so i'll leave it alone for now) but from craigslist in the 'free' section.
- have dinner with john's brother and sister-in-law

so, all in all, not a terribly unproductive weekend after all. it's just that in between all the things on that list was me sleeping. last night i went to bed at 8:30.

tonight i was supposed to hang out with a friend who had to cancel because of the weather, and although i miss him terribly and would love to see him, i will admit to you that i was a tinsy bit relieved. it means i can go to bed at 8:30 again tonight. ;)

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