Thursday, February 01, 2007

Origami is hard...

Now, I’m no fool. I already know that origami is hard.

I know that it’s an intricate complex art.

But that didn’t stop me.

I was really hoping to find some simple fun folding instructions online. Even the stuff they label as ‘simple’ looks bloody complex to me.

What I really want is to remember how the hell it was we did that fancy folding of notes in high school, you know the ones that had a little diagonal pocket which you then folded the triangle tab into. I don’t remember the point of these, since certainly it didn’t offer protection from others reading your top secret and oh-so-intelligent words, but they were fun.

I’m wondering this because we have a thing going on in my office, it’s like a secret santa, but it’s a secret valentine. Today until February 14 we have a secret valentine, and I have written a poem for each of the 10 days for my valentine. I’d really like to leave them in the valentine’s mailbox folded in some fancy way. But alas, fancy folding was not meant to be.

If anyone knows of any websites that makes folding things easy for the simple minded among us (like, say, me…) then please do pass it along…

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