Sunday, February 04, 2007

An interactive post with voting and everything!

Okay, so I’m putting picture in this post for you to vote on. That would be the interactive part. oh, and when I say "and everything", really I just mean that the voting is everything. Moving on...

Now, don’t get too excited, this isn’t some strange off-shoot of hot or not, you’re not going to get to rate the picture independently.

I’ll give you some quick background on what’s going on…

Starting very soon I will be writing for blogTO. I will be doing theatre reviews, general theatre ramblings, and possibly restaurant reviews too. I have to say, I was pretty excited when got the email telling me I was on the team. I need to do a write-up and provide a picture to go in the 'about this site' section of the blog.

This is where you folks come in. I have 5 pictures to choose from. Tell me which one you prefer for my profile. So, just leave something in the comments telling me by number which one you prefer.

The pictures (in no particular order of preference) are:

Picture number 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Okay, honestly, I'm not even sure why I put picture 5 in here, it's just kind of goofy and fun. I'm sure I could make it a bit less, um, shiny in photoshop. (updated note: after looking at picture 5 several times today it no longer seems funny, it's starting to seem creepy. Using the flash up close is not a good idea...)

So folks, here it is, your big chance! Interact with this post. Leave some feedback. Tell me which of these 5 you'd choose if you were me. And remember, please, no 1-10 ratings, we're comparing these photos against each other, not the photos, or my look, or whatever in general.

And on that note I should drag my sorry butt to bed.

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