Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cancer Vixen - a great comic book

So, my mum sent me to a link that had the first 100 pages of a comic book of a woman and her experiences with breast cancer. It's a true story, it's an actual woman and it's her actual experience. She is a cartoonist (Marisa Acocella Marchetto) and she decided to document her journey.

It's funny, it's irreverent, it's educational (I learned a hell of a lot about breast cancer in these 100 pages), and it's longer than 100 pages.

So, go, read the first 100 pages here and get hooked. Then buy it (I plan to go to Chapters, possibly even tonight...) and finish reading it.

I think it's an amazing idea to have so much of a book online, because it absolutely was enough for me to get pulled into the story and really want to buy the book, 10 pages, even 20 pages, wouldn't have been enough.

And the illustrations are so much fun. I really wish North Americans would embrace comic books / graphic novels more, and not just because then my brother could become a famous comic book artist... *grin*

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