Friday, April 21, 2006

the big 'O'

I bet you're all expecting some exciting some exciting orgasmic post now, but unfortunatly you will be sorely disappointed, it will be a plain old boring run-of-the-mill kind of post that will say...

I'm in Ottawa for the weekend!

we're going to be checking out the wild night-life the capital has to offer tonight, and then hanging out with my grandma in carp tomorrow.

But there is actually a cool bit to this too... tonight we're going out with my friend Rhett. Now, saying 'my friend' is perhaps stretching things, since i haven't hung out with Rhett since I was 12. But when I was 7, 8 and 9 he was my best friend. We both lived in Lusaka (Zambia) and hung out all the time. It was the 80's, ghostbusters was a big thing, so one thing I remember clearly was that we were "bug busters". I remember us being at some barbeque somewhere and having costumes of some description and flitting about on the property capturing bugs in jars. oh yes, I was an adventurous and exciting child, let me tell you...

Anyway, a couple years ago I wrote a post about people that I'd like to get in touch with again based on the theory that if anyone googled them who knew them, or if they googled themselves, that they might find my blog and find out that I was looking for them. Well, it worked! Last year I got an email out of the blue from Rhett and all it said was "I hear you're looking for me."

I have to say, sometimes the workings of the interweb excite me a great deal (no Dickey, not just the porn, a different kind of excite...). So, tonight I am going to go out for drinks with someone that I had completely lots touch with and lost track of.

Yay internet!

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