Wednesday, April 12, 2006

late breaking news: there is indeed an end to my patience!

yes, that's right, kiki finally crossed my line.

for all those keeping score apparently the way to get to me is to attack my mother in the comments siting things you know nothing about.

congratulations kiki, you found my line and leapt confidently over it.

the funny thing is that the only thing that was really bothering me about this before was when she was saying things about john and making assumptions about him and his motives.

i think this is coming from the fact that kiki is right to an extend, i choose to put my blog out there, i choose to accept the consequences, but when she implicates john or my mother she is implicating people who have not chosen to be in the public eye, people who are there only because of me, people who haven't been in control of what is written or not written about them.

yep. kiki crossed the line.

the end.

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