Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a post in three parts

so, i decided because i had 8 million pictures to post i'd parse my post into three posts but make it so they can be read starting with this one at the top and down the next two. clever no? none of this reverse chronological order for me, no sir-ee, look at me foolin' blogger. oh yeah babeeee!

and now, on to my posts.

today i did not leave the house. i don't mean i didn't go outside (as you will see), but rather that i didn't leave the general area.

i spent most of the day doing this:

stylin' slippers, no?

hmmm, i must have dashed to the loo...

it was a day of reading and not much else. certainly nothing coming anywhere near resembling this:

mum wanted to know if i knew what it was for *eyeroll*

then i realised i had no pictures for you because, well, i'd spent the day reading. so off i went to take a few pictures. who knew i'd take a billion and a half. *shrug*

oh, also, i realised that the last picture of me that i left you with was of me after 9 hours on a plane and looking haggared and exhausted. this was me today.

now, keep scrolling down and i'll take you on a little photo tour of where i'm staying... (complete with cute animal pics of course)

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