Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a tour or the house and grounds

so first some background. my mum lives in "a small worker's cottage" on a domaine. the small worker's cottage piece is because if that doesn't get added in people think she's a vintner, and, well, she's not. in truth she lives in an old priory, her house attaches to the chapel. there is one other couple that lives here, they are just down the road. it is by no means a village, although there are two other vacation homes on the domaine. but, there is a winery here that is open wednesdays and saturdays, and for those of you lucky enough to live near me then i plan on bringing wine back from them, and it's mighty tasty wine. i had initially taken pictures of it, but honestly, it's pretty boring, so they're not in here.

and now we begin our tour, first lets walk around outside for a bit...

this is my mum's house

this is my mum's garden

this is one of the several seating areas in my mum's garden

this is the weird chicken my mum keeps in her garden (which i actually like a lot)

this is a close up of the top of the dovecote on my mum's land

this is a far away shot of the back of it

and so inside we go. i'm just going to show you highlights. i had pictures of loads of stuff, but really, how interesting are couches and tables? so i'm trying to cut it down a bit. plus it's 3am and i have to drag my sorry ass to bed soon so i better get a move on with the posting...

the kitchen

the view from the back door which is in the kitchen

the worlds best bathtub

a delightful shower

the fireplace you saw at the end of my feet in the entry you likely read before this one is in mum's bedroom, not in the livingroom. the main floor used to be a stable i think and the living quarters the upper floor. i'm of course just guessing.

anyway, look at the entry below for some cute animal pictures...

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