Friday, March 17, 2006

familiar faces

there is a guy who is sometimes on the streetcar when i come into work who looks bloody familiar. i have no idea why. i can't place him at all. he gets on the street car before me, and gets off after me, so i just sometimes see him sitting there. and of course, i can't stop staring.

mostly i stare because i'm trying to figure out who the hell he is. i also stare because he is a stunningly attractive man. short dark hair. greying temples. probably early thirties. pulled together. a look that says more 'deep in thought' than 'vacant stare'.

but really, it's just driving me crazy that i recognize him and i can't figure out where from.

although i have considered it, i just can't quite bring myself to sit down next to him and say "don't i know you from somewhere?" perhaps i could start it off with "hey there, come here often?" and lead it into the "don't i know you from somewhere?"

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