Tuesday, March 07, 2006

back to boring...

well, after that thought provoking post written during the oscars i think it's important to get back to more boring topics, for fear of introspective overload...

first - it has been brought to my attention that i perhaps didn't share with people that my contract got extended. it did. i am officially employed until november now. i'll still be applying for permanent positions though, because as much as i love where i am right now, mama needs a new pair of glasses (and some fillings, and a drug plan, and a semi-private hospital room, and and and...)

second - i'm going to france to see my mum, even though the stairs in the house are still scary. this means i am breaking my word, since when i first saw her new place i said (john reminded me of this) that i would never visit her until the stairs were replaced. apparently the mother-daughter bond won out over my fear of hights and rickity stairs.

third - my brother has a new blog. you may have noticed it linked on the side there. it's called Diary of a Moon-Man.

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