Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Billy Bragg in Toronto

so, it would appear that billy bragg is in toronto.

he's going to be the 'house guest' on "here and now" on thursday night. the house guest is kind of the co-host, they choose music they like, they chat, stuff like that.

this of course made me assume that he must be playing in toronto, unfortunately i apparently live under a rock and didn't know this. well, i checked. he is. march 11th at the opera house in fact. not surprisingly it is sold out.

i will console myself with the knowledge that i don't really like big concerts, i'm much more a bar music kind of gal. that and i'll be saving money by not going.

see, it's a good thing i'm not going...

also, i can't listen to it tomorrow, i'm in training and then a haircut. so. no billy bragg for meg. *sigh*

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