Wednesday, March 15, 2006

book help

okay folks. as you well know i am about to embark on travels to france. this means a lot of waiting for planes, riding on planes, waiting for trains, riding on trains. which means a big need for books.

so, i'm looking for suggestions. i'm looking for novels. i tend to not like short stories as much. i tend to not like mysteries as much. other than that i'm pretty open to any kind of fiction.

some of my favourites have been:
philip pullman's books (specifically the 'his dark materials' series)
douglas adams' books
the windsinger trilogy
colony of unrequited dreams
nalo hopkinson's books (all of her novels)
neil gaiman's books
memoirs of a geisha
a couple based in india, one that was serialised on cbc, neither of which i can remember the title of, but they are both by women, with women as the protaganist)
the last unicorn
from time to time

and of course many more, but those are the first to pop to my head.

so, based on that, any suggestions?

p.s. i'll try and hyper-link these to info later when i have more time...

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