Friday, March 10, 2006

confessions of a delinquent blog reader

as you have likely noticed, i've been a bit busy of late. so busy in fact that i haven't even had time for crack blogging...

this unfortunately means i haven't had much time for blog reading either. and i sure as hell haven't had time for blog commenting.

one of my favourite things to do is get a chunk of time and sit down and read one child left behind. but i haven't been able to lately. and that brando, he's bloody prolific, so i haven't been at his blog because i haven't had time to read it properly, to do it justice. brando writes things that i don't want to just scan. brando writes things i want to *read*. i find finslippy similar in that i want to have time to really savour what she's written. the difference is volume. brando writes like a mad fiend. if i miss a month with brando then i'm reading for a good couple hours to catch up. if i miss a month with finslippy there are only four or five entries to go through.

all of this rambling is leading somewhere, i promise.

tonight is the first time in a long time i've had some time to myself. some time to sit. some time to read. some time to think. some time to breath. turn turn turn turn.

so, i hunkered down for a lovely evening of brando (wait, that sounds much dirtier - and therefore more fun - than it really was...) tonight. and what to my wondering eyes should appear? an entry, from a month ago, thanking me "for no ostensible reason".

which means that it seems a bit too late leave a comment to say thanks without feeling like a heel for not commenting until a month later.

but apparently instead of leaving a comment and feeling like a heel, i'm going to write an entire blog entry about it, 'cause, well, you know, that makes sense.

brando is someone i discovered ages ago, and i don't remember how. it was either through blog explosion before it sucked, or it was off of someone's blogroll. i do remember i thought it was the best title for a blog ever in the world. but that matters not, what matters is that brando has been a staple of my blog world since i entered it, and i'm better for it.

i remember when he first linked to me in his blogroll, i was flabberghasted. i remember thinking 'but he's such a good writer, he can't link to me, people are going to expect that i'm as good a writer as him, oh crap, he's going to have a bunch of disappointed readers...'

this was of course before i realised that a) hardly anyone clicks on someone elses blogroll, and b) i may not hold a candle to brando in my writing, but i have a much better blog than 80% of the other bloggers out in the blogosphere (that includes the 79% of bloggers who are 12 year old kids talking about how cool the new flavour of the month band is. yes, you read that right, i think my blog is better than their's , so there, take that!)

through brando i get to 'experience' things that are so distant for me i wouldn't normally be able to see them with opera classes, but brando gives me a front row seat. i also get to 'experience' things that i have experienced in real life, i get to see that other people have the same thoughts, the same feelings.

brando's good people and i'm glad that i found his blog, however i may have done so...

so, this is to say, thanks to you too brando. i give you a great big internet hug, and if i ever meet you i'll give you a great big real hug, 'cause dammit, i give good hugs.

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