Sunday, March 26, 2006

France pictures

okay, so, here go, some pictures as promised...

i arrived in paris and found my way through to the tgv (high speed train) station in charles de gaulle airport. there is a waiting area inside, but then there is another that is sort of half indoors and half outdoors.

the 'half outdoors' part made the metal chairs seem unappealing, though quite attractive.

appealing enough looking that i took a close up in fact...

speaking of appealing looking, boy was i not! the flight exhausted me. there is something about being in an enclosed metal tube for 9 hours that just kicks the shit out of me. go figure.

for some sadistic reason decided to document that fact...

so i got on the train (with some minor incident, but i've already talked about that so i'll leave it be) and made my way south.

the next day we went and looked at a house my mum is selling.

this is one of the views from the house.

there was a little workshop on the land with these ladders on the wall.

i loved these ladders, and i couldn't even tell you why. something to do with contrasting textures i think.

so, i took a closer up picture...

we wound our way home through narrow twisty french countryside roads most of the way home, but sometimes we'd take the 'payage', a toll road which seems to span france, and in fact much of europe i think. off the payage there are reststops called which are called 'aire'. some have gas stations and convenience stores, and others are just a place to pee and picnic.

this was one of the pee and picnic ones...

every night we come home and are greeted by two very happy and excited dogs. however, it sure doesn't take them long to settle themselves down on couches and chair. they obviously have a very hard secret life that we know nothing about.

tom preferes to sleep upside down, much better chance of belly rubs that way.

belle prefers a more traditional approach

so my friend, how much must i love you to have put all the pictures up on a dial up connection? my oh my, an awful lot i'd say!

and now i must go to bed. more house selling tomorrow...

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