Thursday, March 23, 2006

booze booze booze, boy was there ever a lot of booze

so, last night we had a couple people over for dinner (i made a stunning dinner by the way, you know, just in case you're dying to know what i ate...)

these people are friend's of mum's and very lovely folks. when they left it was a pretty reasonable hour, and i could still walk.

then mum and i kept drinking, because, truth be told, we were having a hell of a good time, and we were both drunk enough that drinking more seemed like a good idea. we laughed uproariously a great deal. then we got to the part about drinking to much that isn't as good, we started crying. we started talking about how hard it was to be apart and how much we missed each other.

that is the problem with seeing each other, it makes the not seeing each other so much harder. i know that didn't really make sense, but here's the thing, when we don't see each other for months and months i miss my mum desperately, but at the same time i get into a routine, something that can kind of make me ignore the missing.

then we get together and it's so wonderful, we have so much fun, but it's not just fun, it's, i don't know really, it's more than fun though. i mean, sometimes it's not fun, sometimes it's sitting around talking about being away and crying, that's not so fun but it still feels right. it feels right to be with my mum. it feels right for us to spend time together. we match. we fit. we work together. i'm very thankful for that, it makes the being apart very difficult.

that was a bit of a digression. really i was just going to say that i was more drunk than i've been in a very long time and it was probably 6am before i came upstairs to go to bed. today i am feeling a little bit delicate and moving very gently, but bloody hell did i have a fun night last night.

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