Tuesday, March 21, 2006

adventures abound

first, let me say, sorry for my delinquency on the picture posting. i'll see what i can do about that, i promise. computer time is at a bit of a premium here though since my mum needs it for work.

second, everyone should fly zoom. zoom rocks. not only is it a perfectly reasonable airline (as opposed to say, oh, i don't know, air transat aka air smooshsalot), but it's cheap. cheap cheap cheap. and if everyone flew zoom then they'd be sure to stay in business, so, come on people, what are you waiting for? fly zoom!

third, i had a *ahem* fun *ahem* train adventure yesterday. i had to take the train from paris to montpellier. no big deal right? well, yeah, that's what i thought too. but you see, they changed the track my train was leaving from, then i went down to the track it was supposed to be on, but there was no one there. i wandered around a bit and started freaking out a bit and then noticed a train back behind the stairs i came down in an area i had previously not thought was accessible to the general public. i started running. i got there just in time to literally jump on the train at the first car i came to (which, incodentally, happened to be at the opposite end of the train from my seat). and when i say "just in time" what i mean is, the door was closing as i jumped on.

i spent the first hour of the trip (until someone came and checked my ticket) completely paranoid that this was not in fact the train i was supposed to be on, but rather some completely different train going in some completely different direction.

the good news is that it was the right train. and once i found that out i was able to sleep like a baby, lulled by the gentle rocking of the train. it was nice, i was in first class (i figured for an extra 20 euros it was worth it) and it was a 'quiet' car, people were encouraged not to talk, cell phones weren't allowed etc. so i got to sleep. and boy did i sleep.

we stopped at mcdonalds on the way home and got drive through, you know, for that true authentic french experience. to continue the authentic french experience today we went to ikea...

i make mock, but the truth is i've done the 'french experience' enough times, that's not what this trip is about, not in the least. this trip is about seeing my mum who i miss desperately, so i'm just as happy eating mcdonalds as i am in some fancy shmancy french restaurant.

i still seem to be on home time, it's almost 2am (i'm still on home time i think) and we have to be somewhere at 10am. i suppose that means i should drag my sorry ass to bed.

i'll try and post pics soon, honest.

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