Saturday, March 25, 2006

sicky mcsickerson

so, still in fance. still no pictures posted. possibly sick.

i'm coughing like a mad thing, my throat is so sore i can't describe it, i have random rashes on my body and i am sleeping a rediculous amount.

i'm in the 'fighting off a cold' part of sick i think.

ah well, so goes life.

people are coming for drinks on sunday, we're making chili, nachos and hummus. i know, it's a weird combo, but what the hell, why not!

i do think we forgot to get scallions, but i suppose we'll survive.

i know this is a wildly boring post, but honestly, there isn't great gobs to write about just now. but on that note i will stop typing. oh no, look, i'm still typing. aaaahhhh! will it ever end? if only i could stop typ

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