Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i over did the animal pics today...

but dammit, they're just so cute, what am i supposed to do!?!?!

first we will start with the tom love-in. the disproportionate number of pictures of tom vs the other animals is not a matter of favouritism, but rather a matter of cooperation. tom was a born model. he cooperates. with the other animals it's a challenge. *grin*

he was a bit trepidatious at first...

but after close examination to ensure it was indeed a real camera and i wasn't just pulling a prank he loosened up and got with the flow.

"don't hate me because i'm beautiful"

"please be sure to capture my good side"

"really? you think this is my good side?"

belle was not nearly as into the modeling business. people found her laisser-faire attitude too hard to work with.

although she did keep herself well groomed...

but once the squabling started on set i knew trouble was a foot. there wasn't going to be much usable material if the models kept horsing around.

i'm always one for a good time, but wresting on set?!?!

one of the cats didn't even have the decency to show up for one frame. although having said that, the one that max made it in for he insisted on moving constantly.

it's like they don't understand how cameras work!

i tried to get the others out of the contract, but now of course tom has realized that he is a top quality model and he's paying back favours. he has stated in unequivical (his spelling, not mine) terms that he will only work in conjunction with the others.

i mean, really! can you imagine! such demands! but he truely does excel at his craft, so this does bare further consideration...

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