Wednesday, April 19, 2006

dream interpretation anyone?

last night i dreamt that i was meeting john for the first time.

i was going for a walk, ran into him, and for some reason he brought be home to meet his family.

okay, maybe not so weird yet, but wait, there's more! you also get this indestructable utility knife... oh, wait, sorry, wrong script.

in this dream john is a practicing old fashioned mennonite, the kind that doesn't use power (heh, john without power tools, hehehe), don't have cars, things like that.

he took me home to meet his parents, who were not at all his parents in the waking world (in fact, his dad died when he was a baby, so i've never met his dad, so maybe it was his waking world dad, we'll never know...), they were the parents of this nice but strict and suspicious mennonite family.

eventually it was time for me to go home but i didn't want to walk through the forest alone (they lived in a forest, because apparently they were hermits as well as mennonites? i'm not sure, dreams are weird, i try not to look too deeply) and it was pouring rain. mennonite john said he'd walk me home even though it was pouring out (awwwww).

and then either i don't remember or i woke up.

it was completely bizarre and completely banal at the same time.

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