Tuesday, April 18, 2006

god i love spring

i love it so much. the bright sun. the sheding of layers. the gradual greening of the environment.

when we lived in guelph it would be around now that our baby hyasinths (i can't spell and i'm too lazy to look it up) would be poking up out of the ground and we would be starting to spend a huge amount of time out on the back deck.

we need to work on something similar here.

i'm not noticing blubs, so i'm thinking of buying some flowering bulbs to beautify the house and then planting them when they stop flowering. i would love to cut down the strange tree in our front space, because although i LOVE trees, this one is a tall skinny evergreen of some description that makes you feel a bit like you're being attacked when you try to enter the front door, so i'd like it gone so that the garden out front can become an actual garden...

this time of year has me itching for beautiful outdoor spaces and organized indoor spaces. we need to declutter. we need to get rid of stuff, we're bursting at the seams, things don't have a 'home' so their 'home' becomes the floor or a table or the desk or on an on.

this is a very random post, a bit scattered, i think i'm feeling a bit random and a bit scattered.

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