Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TO post: housing in toronto

i'm putting this back at the top because i'm afraid it got lost in the little soap opera of the last couple days...

and now, moving on the the banal blog bits...

i have a friend who is looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown toronto for may 1st.

his preference would be in a house (not in a basement), and beyond that a heritage type home would be nice, he'd love to have moulding and fixtures and the like. i'm not sure if he needs outdoor space, but surely that is always prefered. i also don't know if he needs parking, but he has a car, so i assume he does. his absolute max budget is $1200 inclusive, but he said it better be bloody nice for that price. ;) he says he's not too worried about space, although i think in realistic terms it can't be a tiny place because he and his girlfriend are both going to live there together, tiny space + two people = big potential for conflict.

anyway, i've been scanning craigslist and viewit, but if anyone knows of an apartment coming up that is super funky please let me know either in the comments or by email.

thanks guys!

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