Tuesday, February 01, 2005

more toilet stories

"to avoid clogs please do not flush paper towels down the toilet"

why is this such a problem?

is there a rash of masochists out there who prefer to wipe themselves with the recycled paper nubbly papertowels with actual bits of bark still in them?

really people, what are you doing brining paper towels into the toilet stall?

does this have something to do with people being afraid to touch the flush handle? and if so, why can't they just learn to do the balancing act and flush without their feet like other enterprising young folks?

you may wonder where this rant is coming from. well, in the bathroom at my new office there is a sign on the inside of the door of the stall that explains how to flush (please hold for three seconds until everything has been successfully flushed) and then puts forth the dire paper towel warning, not just in plain old font like the rest of the instructional notice, no, this is underlined for emphasis.

the whole thing made me laugh the first time, but, well, since i have to see it every time i pee throughout the day now it's makin' me think.

and it's not like this is an isolated event. you see these signs everywhere. especially in office bathrooms. i don't know what it is, maybe office workers are too busy/bored/apathetic to bother with common sense bathroom rules, like, don't flush big things down the toilet and make sure that the toilet actually flushes. *sigh*

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