Saturday, January 29, 2005

just the low down on my party last night

my birthday / yay new job party last night was a delight.

i commented to someone that the thing i love about having a party is that i really like everyone there, unlike going to someone elses party where it might be hit and miss.

anyway, it was wonderful, conversation ranged from lively debates on US politics on through to discussions of 'writing your name in the snow'.

close to midnight everyone started filtering out, which was a shame 'cause i just didn't want it to end, i was having a great time.

but then as we were all gathered in the kitchen and people were putting on their boots and coats to face the winter my brother came over, with a piece of cake with a fun sparkly thing on it instead of a candle. as he handed it over to me everyone in the room started singing happy birthday and it was, well, wonderful. we were all standing in relatively tight quarters, and there are a bunch of actual singers in the crowd, two who are in choirs, two who are musical theatre folks. so, given everyone standing quite close to each other, and the support of some actual singers, it was the most lovely happy birthday that i have ever heard. it sounded great and it filled the room.

then everyone left, john went to bed, and my brother and i sat up until about 4am chatting.

it was a very very very good night, and an excellent way to close out a kind of weird emotion filled day. thank you everyone.

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