Tuesday, January 25, 2005

crazy co-workers

okay, so there is this woman in my building, she's on the same floor as me and uses the same bathroom as me.

a bit of backfround on our bathrooms, when you walk in and enter the main part of the bathroom you are facing the stalls, and the stalls have relatively large gaps between them that you can kind of see through if you actually look at them, so most normal people avoid looking at them.

not this woman. noooo.

so, there i am, minding my own business, happily sitting on the toilet, and someone walks in the door and from WAY too far away to see my shoes she says "hi megan", and then wants to chat.

do you have any idea how akward that feels?!?! do you? huh? do you?!?

now, i have no problem carrying on conversations from inside a stall, even with perfect strangers, but at least have the decency to pretend you didn't see me! sheesh!

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