Thursday, January 27, 2005

a quick entry from work (shhhh, don't tell!)

okay, so i'm doing a blog entry from work. not the best in workplace behaviour, but i only have a day and a half left here, so i figure i can be forgiven.

i just couldn't wait to tell you about how i made a big ass of myself today. i mean, really, that's not the type of news you can wait until you get home to share with the internet world.

today i walked out of the office i'm currently inhabiting (New Guy is in my old desk, since, well, it's his perm desk, so it only seems fair, so i'm in the director's office) into the main area of our office and promptly went over on my ankle.

now, i'm not talking a little subtle twisting of the ankle and a few mutterings of "ouch" and "bugger" and the like. no, i am talking about a full fledged 'event'.

my arms flung themselves (because obviously i wasn't doing the flinging, i would never do such a crazy thing) into the arm with a great flourish as i plummeted to the floor, in front of my co-workers.

after the chorus of "are you alright" died down and I said "i'm alright, but i'm going to continue laying here for a moment" and then looked in their direction and noticed them all still staring and said "no, seriously, i'm going to lay here for a minute, but you can stop looking at me".

at which point New Guy (who is earning his stripes as a sarcastic bastard who can keep up with the rest of us sarcastic bastards in the branch) said to me "i told you, no more martinis for breakfast!" to which i replied (while lying prone on the floor) "oh, damn, i thought you told me *more* martinis for breakfast!"

yes, that's right folks, even in pain and laying on a floor i can carry out that oh-so-witty-repartee that you have come to know and love from me.

and now, well, now i'm going to tread lightly for the rest of the day and try and avoid the falling...

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