Monday, January 31, 2005

first day at the new job

first, let me open by saying, i am currently eating the best lemon bars known to man, made by my absolutely wonderful new roommate. yum yum yum!

so, the bad stuff first:
- i have been so stressed about this i managed to acquire not one, but two great big coldsores
- i started getting dressed this morning to discover i didn't bring any bras with me (i was drying them before packing and completely forgot them) so, i have one, that i will have to wash every night and cameron will have to see hanging on the shower curtain, i'm sure it's his dream.
- this morning i discovered to top it all off, i have my period
- i got to work and my manager was late so i had to sit around in the lobby looking goofy for half an hour
- once i got settled into my office (that will be in the good stuff list) i realised i didn't have a working phone, and i wasn't set up on the network at all
- they haven't been able to get me a security pass yet, the bathroom is outside the secure area, so every time i have to pee someone has to buzz me in, and i drink a lot of water, so, well, i pee a lot
- i had a long convoluted lunch adventure trying to grab a quick bite at the cafeteria (too long a story to go into, but just believe me when i say it sucked)
- and just in general, first days are always exhausting

the good stuff:
- so much went wrong that i'm guaranteed that next week will be better
- i have a big wonderful office, with a door, and a big wall of windows.
- i have a fabulous view of some green space and the parliament buildings
- everyone in my office seems really really nice
- i still love my manager, it wasn't just a fluke thing from the interview, she's super cool
- i was told that the hope for this position was that it would go long term, they hired me with the view that i would be there for a while, long past this initial 1 year contract
- i was assigned the lead on a really big project my first day, so i really must have impressed these people
- i am totally psyched (yes, i just said totally psyched) about the job, the work seems exciting and right in line with what i love
- i came home to find my dear dear roommate had left me stunning lemon bars to eat
- i have a wonderful roommate

so, as you can see, the good stuff FAR outweighs the bad stuff, since the good stuff is long term, the bad stuff is short term. so all in all, i am very very happy right now.

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