Saturday, January 29, 2005

where would i be without the fidgiting?

WASHINGTON - Thin folks who tap their toes while they work and fiddle during routine activities could be burning hundreds more calories a year than plumper couch potatoes.

just read this online (and actually heard it the other night on as it happens, but somehow i missed the fidgiting bit).

i don't know how i would fit in the study, 'cause althought i don't for a second dispute the findings, well... i'm fat, and fidgity. not fiddle with a pencil fidgity (well, that too, but you know...), no, i mean, fling my body about in various directions fidgity. as i type right now in fact my leg is pumping up and down, up and down, up and down at break-neck speed.

i remember watching me on tape with a bunch of people (we were singing in fact). i was watching it with a good friend and suddenly in the middle of it i blurted out "do i ever fucking stand still!?!"

she gave me a very perplexed look then quietly said "do you seriously not know that you are in constant motion?"

i didn't. it wasn't something that had occured to me. it's just me. move move, sift, shuffle, move some more, tap my feet, maybe dance to the music in my head a bit, move, move, shift shuffle. wash, rinse, repeat.

so, given this study's results, well, damn, just how big would i be if i didn't move constantly?

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