Friday, March 28, 2008

maybe there isn't a post about orgasms after all

dunno folks. i know i promised you a post about orgasms, but apparently there is no orgasm information to post.

i mean. they're fun. but that's not news. they can be messy, also not news. if you're lucky they're multiple, again, not news.

so, i don't really know what i can bring to the orgasm discussion that isn't already plastered all over the internet.

oh, wait, i know one thing i can tell you about orgasms, i found a porn website that is one of the most beautiful things in the world. it's called beautiful agony and is all shots of people having orgasms, from the shoulder up, mostly wearing clothes, but the ones that aren't, all you can see is the top of their shoulders. it is arousing, AND one of the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. of course, it's a pay site, but it's one of the only pay porn sites i've ever seen that i think i'd be okay with paying for.

there, look, it was about orgasms afterall!!!

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