Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dream a little dream...

I have recently discovered the television series Heroes.

And by recently discovered I should say, I finally started watching it even though it had been sitting around forever.

I was immediately hooked. I watched all 23 episodes in a couple weeks.

This is not the most interesting of news, I'll admit, so what, mainja becomes addicted to cheesy sci-fi, hardly surprising.

But here's the thing. It seems to have seeped into my psyche a bit. So, I find myself repeatedly having dreams about having powers that I can't control and people are getting hurt and dying because of it. And you know what? Those aren't the most relaxing dreams in the world. They really don't result in a nice fresh faced relaxed morning.

So, I thought perhaps by writing it out on my blog I could officially put out a plea to the powers that are infiltrating my subconscious to leave me the fuck alone.

Perhaps if I wore a tin foil hat to bed...

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