Thursday, November 23, 2006


okay, so i'm making a november resolution. i've never been much into new year's resolutions, but i do believe that resolutions have their place as useful tools.

so, here's the resolution, it's a joint one between john and i...

we will no longer eat in front of the television. dinner time will once again become a nice time to sit down together and talk. i used to love the dinner ritual, but for some reason we slipped out of it. but we've pulled our dining room table out of the corner and we're going to eat dinner together every night.

so, i will be back to my routine of picking up groceries on my way home, turning on 'as it happens', making dinner, putting on some jazz, pouring a glass of wine and sitting down with my love for dinner. i may even institute some candle lighting.

it means that the house is bit cluttered with the table in the middle of the dining room (don't ask, it's a small place, it's usually jammed in the corner until we need it) but i think it's worth it. i also think it's possible that we can do some thinking about furniture moving so that it works more effectively, although i wouldn't be betting my life on that one.

so, there you have it, my november resolution.

of course, tonight i will be dining alone, john's going to see borat, i have declined joining him. so i will be feeding my lonesome self.

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