Tuesday, November 14, 2006

election vindication

so, it was municipal election day in ontario yesterday.

i live in the municipality (?!? seriously, is it still called a municipality when it's this big?) of toronto. i'm sure this isn't really what it's called, but that's what we'll go with for now.

i could care less about the municipal race in toronto.

the guelph race though, that one i care about.

i was pullin' for karen farbridge to get back in, and she did! some may say that it isn't that big a deal for someone to get *back in*, but you see, she wasn't the mayor on the last round. nope. last round of municipal elections for some completely unbeknownst reason (well, unbeknownst to me anyway) the city of guelph decided to elect in a right-wing woman for mayor. to be a bit harsh perhaps, she also seemed like she was a bit of a tool when she was running her campaign, dumb, not astute, clueless, the whole bit. and yet, she got in. she beat the left-wing incumbent (karen farbridge) and got herself the mayorship of guelph.

and it was a mess.

she was terrible.

well, this year the unofficial results are in and karen got 50.96% of the vote, kate quarrie, the incumbent mayor, only got 35.49% of the votes.

it's as if the city got together and said "sorry karen, we don't know what we were thinking, please come back".

i don't imagine it's saying particularily good things about me and my feelings towards where i live that i don't care one whitt about the election here in toronto, but i am filled with glee over the one in guelph.

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