Wednesday, November 08, 2006

on being a better blogger

everyone has an answer for how to become a better blogger. if someone starts talking on their blog about writer's block people come out of the woodwork in the comments to suggest something to do.

lately a lot of those suggestions have been to use maggie mason's new book nobody cares what you had for lunch: 100 ideas for your blog. there seems to be some mixed feelings about the book, i haven't read it myself, so i really can't comment.

but frankly, i'm not here to comment on content. content is irrelevant. i'm here to talk about what a brilliant marketing move it was for maggie to write that book.

here is a woman who saw a market, a new market, a thus far un-tapped market, and she filled it.

that takes some vision.

good book or not, it sure as hell was a good idea.

my hat's off to you maggie.

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