Wednesday, October 25, 2006

random thoughts that occur during a conference

i suppose this is a bit like torn's friday snippets. they're random things i wrote down in my notebook at the conference i was at yesterday and the day before, usually during the not-so-dynamic speakers.

- sometimes i write just to watch the words appear on the page, it somehow seems a bit like magic, and it's amazing to watch

- i fell in love with my partner more than 12 years ago, that's coming pretty bloody close to half my life. officially we have 6 more years to go until it will be half my life, we got together when i was 18.

- people so rarely stop to see the other side of things. it is facinating to watch the look on someone's face when you present them with the other side of the story. i mean the actual other side, not just something along the lines of 'maybe it's...'

- maslow's hierarchy of needs seems so basica and common-sense, it's hard to imagine that this was somethign that needed to be defined. but then i am forced to wonder if the hierachy is built on that common sense, or if in fact the common sense is built on the acceptance and influence of the hierachy and it's just such a prolific thing now that we take it for granted.

- i really need new glasses.

- at times like these this i would enohy a blackberry. i'd really like to be able to welcome my friend who did the hawaii ironman competition (because, you know, people that insane, it's good to stay on their good side)

- the way our tastebuds adapt is very interesting. i used to hate lemon in water, now i kind of enjoy it.

- i used to like schmoozing for work things, i'm good at it. but these days i just find it tiring. it takes neergy and that seem sin high demand with low supply of late.

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